BQC: Before the Quad Cities

An Ongoing Collaborative "Prehistory" of the Quad Cities

Around 1750 the Sauk Nation settled near the confluence of the Rock and Mississippi Rivers. Around 1950, the "Tri-Cities" of Davenport, Moline, and Rock Island added East Moline and reintroduced themselves to the world as "The Quad Cities." BQC is an ongoing collaborative history of these two centuries of settlement "before the Quad Cities."

BQC is written by students enrolled in undergraduate courses at Western Illinois University-Quad Cities and is coordinated by Dr. Daniel S. Malachuk. The aim of this digital humanities project is to provide students with experience in developing brief, useful reports featuring primary sources either not yet on the web or available only via Google Books or similar web resources. Because these reports are written in support of an eclectic set of (primarily) English courses, the cumulative result will never be a comprehensive history of the QC. Instead, we offer here ongoing investigations of various areas of the QC's rich "prehistory." We appreciate the continued support of local libraries, archives, and museums including:
Here also are some useful sources recommended by students available on Google Books and similar websites. And here is more on the history of the BQC itself. Please send comments and suggestions to Dr. Malachuk at ds-malachuk at wiu dot edu

Report Areas

The Rivers
Native Americans
"Wild Liberty"
The Underground Railroad and Anti-Slavery
Transcendentalism in the QCA
Fort Armstrong and the Rock Island Prison Barracks
The 108th Regiment of the U.S. Colored Troops
Feminism and Women Before the QC
Early Conservation and Agriculture
African Americans in the Postbellum QCA
Susan Glaspell and Other Local Authors
Utopian Communities
Painters and Other Artists
European Settlers
Religion in the QCA
Other People and Places
Gardens, Parks, and Other Green Places
Popular Music

Guidelines for Student Contributors